Tips for New Businesses to Maintain Healthy Cash Flow

Failing to maintain healthy cash flow is the primary reason that new businesses fail. A lack of planning is all it takes to go from start-up to shut-down in a very short time. The following are some tips that will help you ensure you have the cash flow you need to keep your business operational and headed toward a successful future.

  1. Stop Focusing on Profit – Very few businesses begin to make a profit until they have been in business for one to several years, depending on the type of business it is. Instead, focus on your break-even point. This will be the point at which you can stop worrying about needing the cash flow to cover your entire operation, and then you can start to plan how to manage your profits.
  2. Get an Unsecured Business Loan – When your plans don’t go as expected, your only options aren’t to reduce costs or fold. An unsecured business loan will provide you with the cash flow you need to keep doing business the way you need to work towards a more successful future.
  3. Keep Some Cash in Reserve – Always expect the unexpected shortfall and have cash available when it happens. Give yourself a little “cushion” to lessen the impact and carry you through to better times.
  4.  Hire a Professional to Manage Your Money – You are an expert at doing the work that makes your business grow. An accountant or CFO is an expert at making your money work for you. You will be glad you hired a professional when your cash flow becomes more predictable and again when tax time rolls around.
  5. Hire the Best Talent for the Job – A number of industries have started to look harder at employees who have expertise across a variety of related areas. When cash flow is an issue, it makes good sense to hire employees who can fill a variety of spots. You spend less and still get the versatility of skills that you need.

The bottom line for new businesses is to make smart decisions about cash when they have it. When they don’t, an unsecured business loan from iCapital Business Finance can help keep you on track. Contact us to start the fast and easy online process and get the cash you need. The first step to professional cash flow management is to get the cash that you need!